A hive-shrine world and the capital of the Deepmemory subsector, Tokugawa’s position at the centre of the major warp-routes through the sector lends the planet to its roles as financial capital of the sector and the home of Battlefleet Basque.

An unusual planet, Administratum records suggest that Tokugawa was the capital of the sector pre-conquest; beneath the waves and in the shadows of the existing spires the skeletal remnants of hives long lost rise up. Tokugawa is almost completely covered by ocean, far more than ancient records would lead one to expect. The Drowning Mountains form a large ring around one side of the planet; the monks of the Miyamakura monasteries on the peaks of these great ranges are one of the few holdouts of the original inhabitants of the planet.

The great fortress cities of Toku 9 through 36 are built on the slopes of these ranges and upon the ruins of the drowned cities.

In orbit, the planet is surrounded by the fleet facilities of Kanagawa and the planet’s moon; the void drives of the ships has been known to cause unusual tidal activity on the planet below. Extreme weather events are not uncommon; blizzards, gales and typhoons occur regularly.

Tokugawa is seen as a desirable destination for much of the sector’s nobility. Despite the efforts of Besmellah, Coriolanus and Druon, the culture of the planet has begun spreading throughout the sector. Finding itself now on the front lines of the war in the Damascene Reach and with refugee numbers climbing, the Adeptus Arbites fortress on the planet has begun preparing for a significant crackdown on the lower wards of the Hive Cities. The Inquisition fears that the war has already spread to Tokugawa – one of the ancient Miyamukara monasteries was recently burned to the ground, with a number of priceless books and relics lost to the flames. Other spots of religious import include the House of Dust & Ash, an ancient crematoria dating to the time before access to Shroud was regained.

Due to the large and unusual creatures that populate the endless oceans of Tokugawa, airships are the preferred method of transport; they are used by legitimate travellers and bandits alike.



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