Thorn Dynasty

Noble_Born.png Current Sector Governor Thorn Aladár

The Thorn Dynasty is a lineage of Rogue Traders-turned planetary/sector governors of the Vortigern Sector.

Thorn Armand was a pioneer and enterprising Rogue Trader who discovered the riches of the Vortigern Sector in M36, who was tasked with exploring the western front of the galaxy in the wake of the Age of Apostasy.

Thorn Armand was a pious individual and was the driving force in many civilizations returning to the light of the Imperial Cult.

When he discovered a slew of mineral-rich planets in an unclaimed corner of the sector, Thorn set about creating the infrastructure to turn Vortigern into a major hub of industry.

Explorer.jpg Lord Thorn Armand, fearless pioneer of Segmentum Pacificus

Thorn’s discovery and early work was rewarded, and he was awarded the title of planetary governor of the sector’s new capital, Carnas, located in the newly-named sub-sector of The Thornlands

Although Thorn Armand worked tirelessly and was instrumental in the creation of vital outposts, agri facilities and mining bases, the Thornlands and Vortigern as a whole were infested with pirates and hostile xenos.

The enormous nebula dominating the majority of the Thornlands is mockingly referred to as Armand’s Folly by the nobility and the Adeptus Terra.

Armand’s current scion is Governor Thorn Aladár, who spends most of his time in the neighbouring Basque Sector.

Aladár prefers to pass his duties off to the Elector-Praefectum, a ruling council determined by popular vote.

Thorn Dynasty

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