The Thornlands

The Thornlands is the economic, cultural, and military hub of the Vortigern Sector.

The area was rediscovered millennia ago by the Rogue Trader Thorn Armand, who named the sub-sector in his family’s honour.

Thorn set about reinstating the Imperial Creed, identifying the most valuable planets, and then harvesting the resources for the good of Holy Terra.

Thorn’s discovery and early work was rewarded, and he was awarded the title of planetary governor or the sector’s new capital, Carnas.

The defining feature of the Thornlands is an enormous nebula obscuring roughly a third of the subsector.
Although travel through the nebula is relatively easy, radio communication is almost impossible across long distances.

Despite the abundance of mineral and agricultural-rich worlds, the Thornlands proved difficult to tame.

Numerous pirates and raiders used the nebula as a base of operations and would waylay convoys leaving the nebula with precious cargo.

The nebula was eventually dubbed Armand’s Folly due to the Rogue Trader patriarch’s inability to cleanse the area.

In m36 High Lords of Terra commissioned a new space marine chapter, the Steel Hearts, to garrison the subsector and resolve Thorn’s failures.

For a time the subsector was calm under the watchful eye of the Steel Hearts and riches flowed freely, bringing prosperity and glory to the area.

However, the subsector was riven by the Unclean War less than 1000 years after the chapter’s creation. The forces of Nurgle unleashed terrible biological weapons and the Steel Hearts were decimated. The planet Skoria is still considered a Forbidden World.

The subsector is now home to the Sons of Antares, who are taking a similar role as their ill-fated predecessors.

The sector governor is Thorn Aladár, and while he is ostensibly based on Carnas, he rarely spends time within the Vortigern Sector, preferring to spend time on the luxury shrine worlds of the Basque Sector.

Noble_Born.png Sector governor Thorn Aladár

Imperial Guard regiments recruit from three planets in the region, the Hive World Carnas, the Frontier World Carradine, and the Penal World Joy.

Joy is also a source of high-quality servants for the wealthy and elite. The prisoners of that world go through rigorous mental and physical conditioning to become the perfect servants. Those that do not make the cut are drafted into the Imperial Guard.

The Forge World Pharus Prime processes the raw materials mined from Tyr, Mandora, and Prexus. The planet Tyr was once among the mineral-rich planets, but was mined to desolation and is now a wasteland only fit for scavengers.

The gas giant Noon has a several large moons that are a microcosm of the subsector. The moons are Morn, Arva, Noctis, Vesper, and Dayset. The gas giant revolves around a star called the Lion Star.

The Thornlands

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