Merchants of The Fever Tree

Baur – weapons merchant – a short man with a cybernetic eye. Sells a variety of weapons, both mundane and some with unusual properties. The Dragon of Dordrien – Locke made an “exclusive” deal for Baur to supply weapons to Dordrien. Traded Locke a bunch of weapons for a spore caster and some grenades that contained insects from the Fever Tree.

Rizara – Purveyor of the unusual – An old woman with many strange things in her shop. Seems to want to swap curios and bargained with Veigar Ahlberg and Ildánach Longhand. Seemed very happy to acquire some of Ildanach’s shrunken heads. Traded Veigar a cursed mask that she claims will “dry the living, but supply water to the dead.” Veigar is yet to successfully test this item on anybody other than himself. Traded Veigar a power sword with built in flamer for Veigar’s power axe. Traded Ildanach a tile used to “catch the reflection” of an unknown tome for a mirror that acts as a window to the “spirit world” (+20 psynicience rolls). Implanted Veigar with something that burrowed beneath his skin, in case she wanted to trade more.

Thule Foxsyme – noodle enthusiast – A man covered in tattoos and apparently a big fan of both noodles and cigarettes. Gave Veigar the heads up where to find the apparitions the Fathers of Discord were searching for. Happy to shout Veigar some noodles. Veigar stole the money.

Gottica – xeno weapon specialist – A gaunt man with three arms. Swapped a Necron Gauss Flayer for Veigar’s power mauls. The weapon is hooked up to an enormous backpack and fires orange lightning. Bit weird, right? It’s probably fine though.

There exists at least one fighting pit where traders can purchase slaves.

Merchants of The Fever Tree

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