Gods and Masters

The Shivering Sea is a strange anomaly in the Vortigern Sector on the western fringes of the Holy Imperium of Humanity.

Although anybody can wander into the Sea, getting out is a far greater task.

The Shivering Sea has existed for untold millennia, claiming billions of souls, including entire Space Marines chapters that have been foolish enough to launch campaigns to reclaim lost relics.

There are also stranger things than lost Imperial citizens lurking within.

The warlord Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never is rumoured to know a way out of the Shivering Sea, and millions flock to his banner. He also recruits individuals of skill and renown to seek forgotten treasures that will help in his crusade.

Does Aodarn truly know a way to escape? Will these so-called agents of the Horde remain faithful? What is the mystery of the warp anomaly known as the Shivering Sea?

Gods and Masters

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