Fathers of Discord

The warband of the PCs of Gods and Masters, including Ildánach Longhand, The Dragon of Dordrien – Locke, Vala Moorde, and Veigar Ahlberg.

The warband was created by Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never, who sent Ildánach , Vala, and Veigar to the planet Dordrien to investigate something called a “world engine.”

The trio came across Locke, a former Imperial Navy officer, and Felmya while traversing vast catacombs beneath the surface of the planet.

A strange,floating man who seemed to find the passage of time difficult to comprehend, dubbed the group the Fathers of Discord.

They are currently the ruling faction of the city state of Daggerfall.

Each member of the compact has a small collection of lieutenants:

Veigar’s “Lads”: D’auf (armourer with a bionic arm), Dancer (leader, brawler, chain smoker), Broma (criminal mastermind), Nestor (Veigar’s second-in-command) at Port Hayverfast, Yadra (representative to merchant ships) at Port Hayverfast, Ramon (messenger and tech guy) at Port Hayverfast.

Illdanach’s Daggerfall Cabal: Jenni Cassis (the head of what is effectively the Daggerfall astropaths), Grines (hedge witch and cut-wife), Glycerus Kern (young boy with psychic potential), Esmer (found wandering the Accursed Lands and kind of creeps the others out), Wolveram (defected from the Witch King’s service because he wasn’t particularly powerful and was going to be a sacrifice).

Locke’s Dragon Marked: Ebicus Malucis (general and Locke’s 2IC), Ligoro Asta (brawler and enforcer), Valius of House Eeyder (a noble with a thirst for vengeance), Quiana Boeri Lominack (tech priest and Janos (Locke’s spymaster)

Vala’s Council of Daggerfall excluding the other PCs: Randall Morn (governor), Sunett (Captain of the Guard), Keiteram Saad (head of the scavengers).

Fathers of Discord

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