Cult of the White Banshee

White_Banshee.jpg The Possession of Illdanach Longhand

A small Slaaneshi cult based in the city of Maerimydra.

The cult is lead by Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee and staged a coup against the former dominant religion, the Cult of the Red Spider.

Roughly two months before the events of Gods and Masters, the Red Spider cult suffered some kind of technological outage caused by an electromagnetic pulse.

This outage provided an opening for the leader of opportunistic Tzeentchian cult within Maerimydra, who called an Orkish invasion to the city.

Irae’s forces took advantage of the chaos of the invasion and slaughtered the priestesses of the Red Spider within Castle Maerimydra.

The Red Spider priestess Quartia suspects the cult was formed when Irae T’Sarran’s son Zedarr was captured and subsequently escaped from the surface city of High Gate. However, Quartia said the seeds of the T’Sarran lust for vengeance were sewn when the Red Spider followers killed the majority of the T’Sarran family years ago for “transgressions” against the cult.

The key figures of the cult are the T’Sarran family.

Irae_T_sarran.jpg Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee

The Cult of the White Banshee has two main focuses – sorcery and vengeance.

So far the cult has avoided using advanced weaponry in their fight against the orks, preferring to remain safe behind a psychic shield and fight using reanimated corpses.

Members of the cult seem to be driven by the desire for “perfect vengeance” – which they prefer to keep “pure” without diluting it with combat drugs.

The cult leader Irae T’Sarran is currently researching something called the Grand Revenance.

Among the forces of the White Banshee are various reanimated corpses, as well as the spirits of psykers, although the latter seems to be in smaller supply.

ro_portrait_archimage.gif The silverwraith former Master of the Shattered Tower, Master Wharriel

Cult of the White Banshee

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