Biapolis.jpg One of the hive cities of Carnas, Hive Biapolis

A hive world, and the capital of both the The Thornlands and the Vortigern Sector.

Carnas is dotted with hive cities, including Primapolis, Biapolis, and Triapolis.

The planet is one of few in the Thornlands that is not located in the massive, dense Doubt nebula.

Carnas is a bustling capital of trade and government and is the ostensible home the governor Thorn Aladár, although he is rarely even in the sector.

The former capital Primapolis was devastated by Nurgle forces during the events of the Unclean War 1300 years ago, and although it has since recovered, Hive Biapolis is now considered the capital.

Primapolis.jpg Hive Primapolis

Monuments still stand in all hive cities as testament to the Great Tox inflicted by Nurgle forces.

Even 1300 years later, the people of Carnas worry about disease and plague.

Carnas is considered an oddity among the Imperium as it elects a ruling counsel, although Thorn still maintains ultimate control.

Inquisitor Venix sent a cell to investigate heretical activity in the lead up to the most recent elections. Although the cell managed to save an airship full of puritan candidates from an assassination attempt, the acolytes disappeared after jettisoning an explosive.


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