Basque Sector

The Basque Sector is an old sector, initially settled during the Dark Age of Technology, retaken by Imperial forces during the Great Crusade, conquered by Chaos forces out of Tormented Space during the Sundering, and returned to the Imperial fold by Saint Hauer and his companions during the Age of Redemption.

It has currently been sundered again by the actions of the secessionist group the Pride.

The sector is divided into several subsectors:

  • The Sceptre Worlds, the seat of the sector government and home to the green reach of agri-worlds that keep the citizens of the sector alive;
  • Deepmemory, the financial centre and the home of Battlefleet Basque;
  • The Damascene Reach, the home of most of the sector’s forges and garden worlds, as well as the cardinal world of the sector – currently being fought over by the Pride and Jhander’s crusade;
  • Pilgrim’s Vanguard, the holiest location in the sector and the main destination for the many pilgrims that come to visit;
  • Seven Victories, the belt of worlds between Basque and the Vortigern Sector, the location of the earliest victories won by Saint Hauer and his comrades.

Basque Sector

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