The Towers of Maantzeecorian

The Towers of Maantzecorian, or just simply the Towers, are strongholds and sorcerous Tzeentchian schools within Dordrien.

Tower.jpg The Tower of Isolation, abandoned in the Dread Wastes below Dordrien

Each of the Towers is ruled by a psyker who claims the title of “Master.”

Among the duties of the Master of the Tower are research, seeking out new students, and tutoring inexperienced psykers in the ways of the Master of Whispers, Maantzecorian.

It appears each tower has a name. So far the Compact has encountered:
The Inverted Tower
The Shattered Tower
The Tower of Isolation


It should be noted that Ildánach Longhand dwells in a tower on Galt at the edge of The Shivering Sea.

It is unknown if the previous occupant was a Master of the Tower.

nothis.jpg The tower on Galt

The Towers of Maantzeecorian

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