Pan - now destroyed

A former Imperial World overrun with heresy and corruption.

An Inquisitorial investigation into suspicious activities on the planet uncovered numerous heretical cults with deep roots within almost all facets of the planet’s government.

Before the Inquisition could take full action, large scale riots broke out and the planet’s citizens took up arms against the Imperium.

The Sons of Antares were called in to help suppress the heretics, however, the Space Marine chapter went beyond simple riot control.

The chapter’s fleet circled the planet and opened sustained heavy fire.

Pan suffered a 100 per cent casualty rate and the planet’s crust cracked and burst, leaving an ugly, malformed lump.

Malachor.jpeg Beware the Wrath of Antares’ Sons

Needless to say, the Inquisition was furious and sought formal censure for the chapter.

Pan - now destroyed

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