One of 8832036.jpg The Thornlands feed Joy and Joy feeds the Thornlands

Joy is a penal planet within The Thornlands of the Vortigern Sector.

After centuries of strife with pirates and unruly settlers, the rulers of The Thornlands, the Thorn Dynasty, designated a small planet in the southern part of the sub-sector as a penal colony.

Rather than letting a resource go to waste, the Wardens of Joy have made use of their greatest commodity.

Prisoners, known as “Joyous”, are frequently mind-wiped and used as slave labour across the sub-sector and even throughout the sector as a whole.

The more thoroughly-conditioned and the “white collar criminals” are often employed as servants for merchant households, Apex nobility, and wealthy travelers.

Joyous who have not taken to conditioning are used as menial labour or drafted into the Joyous Penal Legion.

The Joyous are marked by their unique explosive “collars”, which are created from highly explosive materials mined from Tyr. The collars are a series of stones embedded within the head and neck of the prisoners and the chemicals are mixed with and activated by another psychoactive compound.

Collars belonging to higher quality Joyous are highly decorative and look more like gemstones, while the collars of the “lower class” have the appearance of unpolished rocks.


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