mining_settlement.jpg A shining mirror to Tyr

A mining/agri world in The Thornlands highly prized for the edible, fast-growing plants that are seemingly immune to human disruption.

Fyris was originally used as one of the primary agri-worlds of the Thornlands until it was discovered great seams of semi-solids far beneath the surface of the planet. These strange semi-solids act as remarkable coolants and lubricants and are utilised to great lengths by the Adeptus Mechanicus of Pharus Prime.

As the planet is not buried within the Doubt nebula, it is far easier to defend against pirates and raiders.

The combination of being a highly-sought mining world, the apparent harmony of the Imperium and the native flora and fauna, and its location outside of the opaque nebula make Fyris a shining mirror to the nearly ruined Tyr.


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