Cult of the Red Spider

grmk-nfJXYc.jpg A Priestess of the Red Spider

The dominant religion among the people dwelling in the vast underground catacombs beneath Dordrien.

The acolytes of the Red Spider bear striking similarities to the Red Priests of Mars, following a creed of logic and technology.

The society was matriarchal, extremely secretive and xenophobic. The city of Maerimydra and Szith Morcane only allowed a set few traders to visit the extensive foundry cities below the surface of the planet.

The cultists regularly raided the city states on the surface of Dordrien, their technological expertise giving them a clear advantage. It isn’t known what became of the slaves captured by the Red Spider priests.

The cult disapproved of other religions, preferring to use technology over other means of development.

Transgressions against the Red Spider were punished severely, as discovered by the family of Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee – who were servants of the Red Spider until they were massacred for “blasphemies.”

The cult did make a small concession for the Tzeentchian Towers, but kept close tabs on the Masters. It is known that the cult actively suppressed Nurgle worship.

The Cult of the Red Spider faltered roughly two Terran months before the events of Gods and Masters.

The acolyte Felmya described the event as a Pulse that disrupted the technology of the Red Spider, plunging the underground society into chaos.

It appears the enemies of the cult moved quickly to destabilise the cult.

Within Maerimydra, the Master Wharreil of the Shattered Tower called a band of Orks to invade the city, giving the sorcerers within the Cult of the White Banshee enough time to eliminate the priesthood and set up a protective barrier.

While the majority of the Red Spider cultists in Maerimydra have been killed, some individuals and small groups escaped the purge. Among the escapees were Felmya, the priestess Kunnoraq, and a group that almost made it to the surface. A group including the steward Del, the young priestess Honnette, and the elderly priestess Quartia were unable to escape the city and hid in abandoned buildings.

5f3e76eed2824a46214a0d9ed674cab6.jpg The Last Child of Maerimydra – Honnette

After Honnette was installed and “uploaded” into the Maerimydra mainframe, Quartia suspects she may be the last priestess of the Red Spider in Maerimydra.

Kunnoraq.jpg Priestess Kunnoraq hid in the catacombs after the fall of Maerimydra and used thralls as servants.

Cult of the Red Spider

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