Zedarr T'sarran

"You kept me prisoner for years! I had to start a fire and crawl my way out of Highgate AND YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME?!" Zedarr T'Sarran to Locke


The son of Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee and the commander of the military forces of Szith Morcane.

Zedarr T’sarran was stationed in the outpost of Szith Morcane before being defeated by The Compact.

The man was captured by the forces of the city state of Highgate and apparently interrogated by Captain Dondarrion Locke for many years. Zedarr apparently started a fire and escaped through a burning complex to escape.

Zedarr T’sarran wielded a large power maul and inferno pistol, and kept a strange beast at his beck and call. He was also known to sing a baleful dirge that gave off a slight warp disturbance, unsettling his opponents.

Although he was killed in Szith Morcane, Zedarr apparently returned to life alongside the Nurgle priest Thendrick and attacked The Compact on the road to Maerimydra. Armed with just a knife, the revenant managed to do considerable damage to Locke without any sense of self-preservation.

Ildánach Longhand decapitated the twice-dead body in the hope that it would prevent Zedarr returning to life a second time.


Zedarr T'sarran

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