Reverend Brigham Wick

"Please, continue."


A richly dressed man, Brigham Wick carries an Ecclesiarchy flamer, and wears a brace of elegant duelling laspistols.

“A dashing haircut, befitting a soldier in the Emperor’s service!”


Previously a drill-abbot to noble children on Druon, gifts from wealthy patrons and the generous wages given by the Ecclesiarchy made Wick extremely well-off by Imperial standards.

Unfortunately, Wick lost his position and his power when a child under his care was revealed to be a latent witch, and he was censured and cast out of the Druon church heirarchy.

Hoping to return to his life of luxury, he contacted Morrow, a well-known fixer for the nobility of the Basque Sector. Morrow offered Wick the position of Deacon of Kamaishi, thrusting him back into the forefront of Ecclesiarchy politics in the sector – and all he requested in return was a year of service.

Is currently very upset that Lycene Bosporious gave him a haircut. Wick has been separated from the rest of the group and is currently missing, alongside Admiral Indira Reynard.

Reverend Brigham Wick

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