Veigar Ahlberg

"Care for a Lho Stick?" - Veigar. Constantly.


At first glance, he is nothing special. Not particularly tall, not particularly heavy. At second glance, you may notice thick carapace plate, several power-weapons strapped to the back, belts of grenades, pockets of ammunition, rare weapons, mundane weapons – the man appears to be a walking armory. At third glance, you may notice in the breast pocket, an ornate case filled with Lho sticks. For some reason, despite his fearsome outward appearance, his face seems to slip from your mind in


Born into the throes of a non-descript Imperial hive, born malcontent with his lot and born with balled fists. Veigar grew up fighting and learnt quickly. Word spread around the places he frequented – he had tasted power for the first time. After leading a small uprising which was quelled with swift force, Veigar was captured and detained on a prison ship. After this, nothing would be the same.

From thug to detainee, from detainee to pirate. He travelled with a smuggler gang across stars and systems, honing his potent craft with both bullet and blade. After a job-gone-wrong, Veigar found himself detained for a second time. After intervention from a strangely out of place Eldar warrior, Veigar found himself dumped into the Shivering Sea, selling his sword for Aodarn. He travels now with Ildanach and Captain Locke, deep in the caverns and subterranean cities near Maerimydia.

After the Battle of Szith Morcane Veigar has experienced several strange dreams. During these dreams, Veigar was visited by his brother Wjolek, who apparently died many years prior.

Veigar has explained to The Compact that in these dreams, Wjolek has claimed to be within something called The Undying Temple within Maerimydra. His dreams have also begun to bleed into the waking world, apparently appearing to Veigar to show him the hidden location of a buggy in the tunnels to Maerimydra.

Veigar suspects the vision of Wjolek is connected to Groniyad – Esoteric Trader, although he has not elaborated on his reasons.

Veigar Ahlberg

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