Tauron Stormset

Pain is nothing to me.


My name is Tauron of the Stormset family from a little agri-world called Rügen in the heart of the Imperium. I was raised with a profound sense of justice by my pure and kind-hearted Mother but lost my Father soon after I turned 20. I had worked for most of my life on the family run farm and worked up some decent upper body strength with my chores, but had much preferred to practice with pistols in hopes I would be chosen to join the military in some capacity.

What is my personality like?:

In a word; Sanguine. My upbringing has given me an optimistic outlook on the Empire’s plights, and I remain confident in myself. Sometimes I can get lost in naiveté and whimsy, but I appreciate my ability to dream of a better future.

How did I meet my Inquisitor?:

He came to me actually. While recruiting on my homeworld, my slender frame coupled with my agility and strength gained me recognition as well as the natural skills I displayed with guns. I soon found myself being taken to join the inquisition as an Arbitrator.

What does the Inquisition mean to me?:

I had been raised on stories of mankind’s struggles against the forces of corruption and heresy. Some stories seemed more fanciful than others, but it did little to dampen my resolve against the forces of chaos (whatever that might be). Now as an Inquisitorial Acolyte, I can see firsthand what sort of challenges mankind faces and strengthen myself and others against it. The Inquisition is an opportunity to see and experience more of the galaxy, but I do not feel it to be a sacred calling.

What will I sacrifice?:

I’ve been injuring myself while working for years, so pain is nothing to me. I am willing to sacrifice things like my body to serve the Inquisition, but the thought of losing myself to corruption makes me uncomfortable.

What do I desire?:

My dreams of seeing the Empire and fighting Corruption spur me onwards, but what I really desire is to return to my Homeworld alive and share all my experiences with my family.

What do I hate?:

I lost my Father to Corruption when I was young, after his own brother, my Uncle, killed him…just for the fun of it. It turned out that he had been a practicing heretic for many years. The first time I ever held a real gun was at his execution, it was put down to a vote as to who would end him. I drew the short straw. I wanted to make him hurt, to teach him a lesson before killing him. The gun was archaic by Imperium standards, but on my Homeworld it was the best kind we had. He was tied to a post so there was no chance of him escaping. I put a bullet in each of his kneecaps first, then I shot off both his ears. After that I couldn’t stand the screaming and just shot him in the head…right between the eyes. I’ve had a personal hatred of all Corruption ever since.


Before I left Rügen, I had a sweetheart called Rosa. She was the neighbor’s daughter and the most beautiful woman I ever had, and have, seen. We had been friends since I was about 10, and the first person I turned to when I needed a kind face. We dreamed as children of getting off Rügen and seeing the stars and other worlds, and I had promised her that I would take her with me, wherever we went. She was uncommonly beautiful for someone from an agri-world. Her hair was the darkest shade of black, not unlike the Emperor’s, and her eyes were a piercing red. Those eyes could cut a man down with just a glare, and she used them often as she grew into a woman and found herself beset by many young men wishing to woo her. Yet I was the one who always had her heart, and had only my crippling shyness to stop me from telling her how I felt. By the time that I had worked up the confidence to share my feelings, I was instead pulled away by the horrid nightmare that was my father’s murder, and was never given a chance to tell her afterwards. It was not long after that that I was chosen to join the Inquisition, and I haven’t seen her since. Its been over 20 years since I left Rügen, but she has always been in my thoughts. My dreams are that one day, I can go back to Rugen and Rosa and finally tell her what I’ve been feeling all this time.

Tauron Stormset

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