Lycene Bosporious

Vale Captain Lycene - shit-stained coward, drunkard, and traitor


A hairy bear of a man, with a regal bearing and a handsome moustachioed face. Dressed in an elaborate Imperial naval uniform, Captain Bosporious has a winning grin and can be charming, when he wants to be.


Apparently an Imperial Navy veteran, discharged under mysterious circumstances, now recalled to the navy in its time of crisis. The younger brother of Unspar Bosporious, he has expressed an untoward hatred for the Chorus Vermillion, and publicly humiliated Wick in the Bosporious family chapel.

Bosporious enjoys antagonising Magos-Dominus Saraban, who seems to hold a low opinion of the veteran; indeed, Lycene seems to be on poor terms with a number of his peers, including Admiral Indira Reynard, his brother Unspar & sister-in-law Solace Bosporious, his aide Marrtyn and the mysterious administratum adept Comptroller Dawson.

Jacques and Wick intend to dose Bosporious with laxatives; Jacques also has made contact with Telman Kensington, a scion of House Kensington, who has enlisted the soldier to aide him in seducing the officer for the purposes of blackmail.

After being slipped laxatives by Jacques in the gardens of the Imperial Villa on Tokugawa, Lycene was executed by Corporal Emma Canton.

Lycene Bosporious

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