Ildánach Longhand

I will not kneel again.


Tall even for a space marine, Ildánach is armoured in burnished bronze. Frost covers him, spreading over nearby surfaces when he stands still for too long. Beneath his tusked helm, he has a gaunt, cadaverous face framed with a tangled beard and long, wild hair. His armour is festooned with pouches, vials, shrunken heads and skulls; the permutations and variety are ever-changing. He tends to have his bolter slung over a shoulder, and his devastating force axe Lonnbeimnech (also called, confusingly, Tuafáil) is never far from his hand.

Occasionally the hoarfrost covering his body branches out into cathedral-like flying buttresses and spires; a gargoyle-like presence can be seen moving around Ildánach’s body, slipping under his pauldrons and creeping into his gorget.


Ildánach, also known as the Big Brass Baby, Ilda-fuck or Longhand, is a former space marine librarian of the Hounds of Chulaínn. He holds deep grudges towards both the remaining loyalist battle brothers of the Hounds, the traitor elements that formed the Sons of Sétanta, and most deeply and irrevocably towards the Butcher of Chulaínn, Sétanta himself. The merchant Mozaleen also holds a place of deep and abiding hatred in one of Ildánach’s hearts.

Ildánach has served as a member of Aodarn’s compact beneath the surface of the planet Dordrien destroying the mind of Irae T’Sarran in the Undying Temple.

Still driven by the training of his astartes upbringing, he has struggled to cope with having to source his own supplies. The cabal he has assembled have begun teaching him basic economics and monetary policy, as well as assisting him in his studies of the warp.


For a time, he was served by an acolyte of the Red Spider Cult, Felmya, until her death at the hands of an ork nob in the underground city of Maerimydra.

Ildánach has recently summoned the andragog-imp Alfræðiorðabók to assist in his studies of the mysteries of the warp. Thus far the relationship has proven to be a fruitful one.


Beyond his armour, knife, bolter and axe, Ildánach accumulated mostly esoteric items like grave dirt, the bones of his enemies and the blood of his comrades. He has slowly built up a library of magical texts, and claimed Irae’s staff and ring after their battle beneath the surface of Dordrien.

Ildánach Longhand

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