Hâras - Anarchist and Dissenter

"We won't be ruled again...not by anyone."


A rebel fighter in the city of Maerimydra, belonging neither to White Banshee or Ork forces.

Hâras leads a small force of agile fighters on raids throughout the underground city, specialising in hit-and-run tactics.

Hâras is a soft-spoken man who has expressed disdain for all ruling factions, including the Cult of the Red Spider.

Veigar Ahlberg was lead to Hâras by a vision of Veigar’s dead brother, Wjolek. Although Hâras denies knowledge of Veigar’s brother, the rebel fighter does seem inclined to help The Compact defeat the White Banshee.

The rebels have told The Compact that they have not been able to access Castle Maerimydra – but they have a source inside.


Hâras - Anarchist and Dissenter

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