Warlords of the Shivering Sea

While there are literally thousands upon thousands of warbands and warlords competing for master of The Shivering Sea, there are five distinct factions that have emerged.

The newest faction is led by Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never – although he has tried his hand at conquest in the past and failed. The Horde of Never owes allegiance to no particular chaos power.

The Khornate forces are lead by a warlord called Cyren Bloodlust and owe allegiance to an entity called Cruor/Carnarvon and are not based in one location. Rather, they appear and disappear across the sea. It is said a red hue falls across the moons of planets they attack.

bloodmoon.jpg The Shadow of Cruor falls upon the moons of the Shivering Sea

The Tzeentchian forces are lead by a warlord called Bright Ophelia and owe allegiance to an entity called Maantzeecorian the Master of Whispers. They’re based on a planet called Delusion. There are cults beneath the surface of Dordrien that have erected “Towers” and apparently serve Maantzeecorian.

snake.jpg The Master of Whispers imbues a blade with a terrible secret

Nurglite forces were commanded by a commander called Deathless Suth, but the general is reclusive. Nurgle worshipers claim they have eaten the Fruit of the Fever Tree and serve an entity called Ghuranadar.

ian_miller_final_interiors-85.0.jpg The roots of the Fever Tree run deep and feed Ghuranadar

Slaanesh forces are based in an area of the Shivering Sea called Cold Kiss. The Cult of the White Banshee was established below the surface of Dordrien. The White Banshee is known to be an entity called Kiralansalee.

White_Banshee.jpg The possession of Longhand

Warlords of the Shivering Sea

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