Vortigern Sector

The Vortigern Sector is located on the western fringes of the Imperium and is widely considered to be perpetually unlucky and cursed.

The area was settled by humanity during the Dark Age of Technology, and was reclaimed by the Emperor during the Great Crusade – initially seen as a source of great wealth due to the numerous planets and initially easy travel routes.

As the millennia wore on, however, the sector began to suffer rebellions and warp storms occurred with greater frequency.

The Imperium began to send greater numbers to reclaim and calm the area, but most forays ended in disaster that claimed the lives of Rogue Traders, Imperial Guard regiments, Space Marine Chapters and even Inquisitors.

As of the 40th Millennium, the Vortigern Sector is seen as a decrepit dumping ground – a home for the exiled and the experimental – which is in stark contrast to the neighbouring Basque Sector.

In the eyes of many, the Vortigern Sector’s only use is as a bulwark against the madness of the Tormented Space that lies beyond the light of the Astronomicon.

The sector is made up of several sub-sectors:

The Thornlands – Located in the middle of Vortigern and the capital of the sector. The Thornlands feature the hive world Carnas. A portion of this sector is covered by a dense nebula known as Anfort’s Folly, but colloquially as Doubt. Also home to the Space Marine chapter The Sons of Antares.

Birthright Marches – The far-western portion of the sector. Features the warp anomaly known as The Shivering Sea. Has warp currants that are popular with rogue traders and pirates.

Gygax Point – Considered the auxiliary capital of the sector and located in the north. Was once considered rich and prosperous, but was torn apart when the Space Marine chapter, Hounds of ChulaĆ­nn suffered a schism known as The Butchery.

Constans Expanse – The largest sub-sector stretching across the south. Is known to be the base of operations for the Brazen Stags Space Marine chapter. Features a set of supergiant stars called the Blinding Belt. At the centre of the Belt lies a small warp storm called the Mayhem Rift or the Mayhem Clasp.

Ector’s Bridge – Small area on the south-western side of the Vortigern Sector. The sub-sector has strong warp currents leading in and out of Tormented Space. The area is heavily militarised.

Pelinor Sub-Sector – An area to the north-east, neighbouring the Basque Sector. There has been numerous attempts from the ruling parties of Pelinor to join the Basque Sector.

Bertilax Sub-Sector – An area to the south-east, neighbouring the Basque Sector.

Vortigern Sector

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