Undying Temple

Temple.jpg The Parapets of Slaanesh’s Palace of Excess made manifest

The Undying Temple was a construct summoned by Irae T’Sarran – High Priestess of the White Banshee beneath the surface of Dordrien and a direct link to Slaanesh’s realm.

The temple was several stories tall and built in a graceful spiral around an enormous dark orb.

It appears the temple existed simultaneously in the material realm and the Warp.

When the Fathers of Discord entered a portal within the material temple, they were transported into a maddening, brightly coloured, riotous realm.

The scholar Umaer explained that the riotous realm was a part of the Palace of Slaanesh.

While in the Fathers of Discord were in the Palace, they took on new appearances. Captain Dondarrion Locke took on the form of a mighty, winged dragon cloaked in flame, Ildánach Longhand became of giant of ice with a living, skittering cape that spoke terrible truths, while Veigar Ahlberg almost seemed to blink out of existence.

The dark orb appeared to be a ball of raw warp energy tying the two realms together.

It is unknown what happened to the Undying Temple after the death of Irae T’Sarran.

Undying Temple

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