A desolate planet in the north of The Thornlands sub-sector in the Vortigern Sector.


The planet is located within the dense nebula Doubt and was once considered to be one of the most valuable locations of the sub-sector.

When the Thorn Dynasty began conquering the sub-sector, Tyr had vast mineral deposits including promethium and a substance called alanite, which was used to create ultra-hard glasses used in voidships and Pharus-Pattern las weaponry.

The Imperial forces began to set up mining and smelting factories on Tyr, turning it into a desirable target for the pirates dwelling within the Doubt nebula. The pirates hit the fledgling cities and the massive transport ships as they made the journey to and from the local forge world, Pharus Prime.

As the years went by, more and more resources went into the planet including the temporary stationing of Battlefleet Vortigern and the Thorn Dynasty flagship Baldere’s Fury.

The escalation of force continued until the valuable mineral deposits of Tyr started to dry up and production slowed.

The main body of the Imperial forces pulled out once the return on investment became too low, and with the retreat of the Imperium’s might, Tyr became vulnerable to pirates and xeno predators once more.

The Tyran government continues to mine dangerously deep into the planet’s core in order to fill their Holy Tithe, and the majority of the planet’s citizens are nomadic scavengers.


Tyran citizens are looked down upon by other Thornlanders as dirty thieves, although they traditionally make excellent trackers and both terrestrial and voidcraft pilots.


The current planetary governor is Reguyr Heminggr.

There are only a handful of cities that can defend themselves from pirate raids, including Ingvar, Ymir, Ollwyngr, Havamal, Hymir, and Brokker. Nomad clan names are usually based on the nearest city.



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