Tormented Space

The area beyond the westernmost point of the Astronomicon.

Designated “Tormented Space” by Imperial forces, what little of the vast area that has been mapped by the Imperial Navy and Rogue Traders has been recorded as wild and wracked by electromagnetic storms.

The Vortigern Sector is one gateway to Tormented Space, particularly the sub-sectors Ector’s Bridge and the Birthright Marches.

The warp anomaly known as The Shivering Sea encroaches past the borders of the Birthright Marches and into Tormented Space.

The Sons of Setanta renegade Space Marine chapter rampaged through the Basque Sector and the Vortigern Sector before fleeing through Ector’s Bridge.

Since The Butchery of Setanta and his rampage across two sectors, the majority of Battlefleet Vortigern is stationed at both major crossing points.

Tormented Space

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