The Sons of Antares


The Sons of Antares are a Space Marine chapter operating within the Vortigern Sector, based within the Thornlands Subsector.

The Sons of Antares are remarkably well-provisioned and supplied, which is surprising considering the remoteness of their location and the dubious reputation of the area.

In spite of the tragedies that have befallen all previous Space Marine chapters based within the sector, the Sons of Antares have proven to be competent, steadfast warriors that are beloved by the general population and feared by their enemies.

The chapter has only arrived in the sector relatively recently – they have been operating for only several hundreds of years.

Although the chapter is only relatively new to Vortigern and the Thornlands, the Sons of Antares have gained the reputation of being somewhat egotistical. They have renamed both their home sector and their capital world Antares.

The Sons of Antares do not adhere to the Codex Astartes – marines are led by “Masters” who are veterans of specialist combat. These Masters form a ruling council known as the Conclave. The Chapter Master always takes the name “Antares” and is treated as the first among equals.

The known Masters are:

Eleos Antares – Master of the Conclave
Phobetor – Master of Knowledge. This position would normally be held by a Chief Librarian.
Basanismos – Master of the Ritual.
Aximander – Master of Progress
Kratakinus – Master of Fire
Lithnikos – Master of Earth
Bathophon – Master of Water
Uradeinos – Master of Air
Kapnos – Master of Smoke
Gladius – Master of Experience

As the chapter is not Codex compliant, it is unknown if this is the full extent of the Masters.

While the Sons of Antares are remarkable warriors, they also have a reputation as skilled diplomats, and wield considerable influence within the Subsector. They are also rumoured at looking to expand their influence throughout Vortigern.

Despite their social standing, the Sons of Antares are extremely secretive. So much so that there is even debate about exactly which legion or chapter from which they descend. There are conflicting accounts recording their parentage lying among the Ultramarines and being created as early as the Fifth or Sixth Founding, as well as the Iron Hands as late as the 23rd Founding.

The chapter is extremely well-provisioned – with Mark VIII “Errant” power armour being common among the ranks.

The Sons of Antares wear grey and black, and have green gloves.

The secrecy and growing influence within the Thornlands has attracted the attention of Inquisitor Ahren Venix.

Venix sent two agents, Guardsman Reks and Shephard Kohanim to investigate the disappearance of the tech-priest vessel.

Reks and Kohanim enlisted the help of a Rogue Trader named Tarn The Mountain, and discovered the missing ship on the edge of the Antares system. The vessel was floating, abandoned, close to a busy warp route – the energies of ships translating in and out of the Immaterium masking its presence.

Once aboard, Reks and Kohanim discover scenes of brutal violence – the agents concluding the crew were ambushed suddenly.

They did find one survivor, a heavily wounded Magos Biologis who urged the agents to flee and take the vital information stored within the ship to the Inquisition. The tech priest whispered the word “alpha,” before losing consciousness.

The agents were confronted by a member of the Sons of Antares calling himself Somnocles, and while initially friendly – the marine quickly turned on Reks and Kohanim.

The humans, realising they were no match for the Space Marine, managed to make a run for it – Kohanim managing to spray Somnocles in the face with his hand flamer as they escaped.

As the pair fled, they discovered the Sons of Antares had destroyed the voidship of Tarn The Mountain.

Reks suffered severe injuries in the ensuing flight, although Kohanim managed to pilot their personal vessel The Dauntless into the Doubt nebula, in the hope the cloud would hide them from the marines.

The Sons of Antares

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