The Noble Houses of the Basque Sector

An ancient, if far-flung, sector of the Imperium, the Basque sector is home to many noble houses, great and small.

Great Noble Houses

House Al’Andalus is a relative newcomer to the great households of the Basque sector, arising from a distinguished trading family based on Besmellah. The current head of the household, Irae Al’Andalus, has held the governorship of the sector for almost two centuries, much to the chagrin of the other great houses.

House Hauer is an ancient house, tracing their lineage back to Saint Hauer and the earliest days of the sanctioning of the sector. They are a noted military family, and claim to hold one of the few warrants of trade in the sector, though no trader vessels bearing the Hauer family name have returned to the sector in living memory.

House Banhauer also traces their lineage to Saint Hauer, splitting from House Hauer in the early years of the recon quest of the sector. They oppose the crusade led by Jhander Xho, and claim he has stolen an ancestral blade from their household.




Minor Noble Houses

House Threetrees
House Holden
House Honsaka

The Noble Houses of the Basque Sector

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