The Horde of Never

crusade.JPG The Flames of the Red Son Aodarn, Master of the Horde

The Horde of Never is a Chaos army within The Shivering Sea gathered under the banner of Aodarn, Master of the Horde of Never.

The Horde is a relatively new force within the Shivering Sea and has been steadily expanding.

Currently the estimated strength of the Horde is in the tens of millions, as witnessed by The Compact as they flew above the planet Halacarus.

The Horde is currently based in the north west of the Shivering Sea and is expanding toward the centre.

While Aodarn does not serve any particular Chaos power, he accepts follows of all devotions.

The driving motivation of Aodarn, and by extension the Horde of Never, is freedom from the icy wastes of the Shivering Sea.

Aodarn has accepted and permitted that his followers will have “certain indulgences.”

The Horde is commanded by Space Marines wearing the livery of the Star Serpents, a chapter that was declared lost millennia ago.

The Horde of Never

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