The Brigade of Borrowed Time

The Brigade of Borrowed Time is an Imperial Guard penal legion fighting in the Damascene Reach. The penal legion is large, constantly reinforced with new recruits.

The brigade has no internal power structure or ranks, serving mostly as cannon fodder or attachments for regular guard regiments. Still, the internal mythology of the legion has given rise to three separate divisions: The Reclaimed, made up of Imperial Guard deserters, criminals and soldiers whose files have been lost in the depths of the Administratum bureaucracy; The Meat, comprised of debtors, adulterers and other minor sinners; and The Tusks, filled with mutants, beastmen and other abhumans.

Crusade authorities unwilling to have such base sinners and criminals on the holy ground of Coriolanus, and the majority of the Brigade have been sent into the trenches of Kislev as a result.

Unusually for a force that nominally answers to the Imperial Guard, they are led by a member of the Adeptus Arbites, Judge Parq.

The Brigade of Borrowed Time

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