Space Station Tomnadashan

12226940_1168993696462753_832251768063894200_n.png An outpost, a lifeline, a beacon in the depths of the sea

A trading outpost within The Shivering Sea more than a week’s travel by ship from Dordrien.

The relatively small station is crewed by numerous servitors and a man called Tiac Rami No.

The station acts as a waypoint on the edge of Nurgle-aligned territory, where travelers can refuel and restock supplies.

Tiac Rami No, although a friendly man, seemed to be under some kind of otherworldly influence when visited by the Fathers of Discord.


There was a brief altercation before the station seemingly vanished from under the feet of Ildánach Longhand, Locke, and Veigar Ahlberg.

It is unknown what caused the space station to vanish, although it did not seem to affect the Fathers of Discord or the numerous servitors. Ildanach’s working hypothesis is that there was a faltering in the great script of the universe, where the unseen hand that writes destiny was pulled away.

Space Station Tomnadashan

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