Skoria2.jpg The ruins of the fortress monastery of the Steel Hearts space marine chapter

Skoria is a forbidden/quarantined world within The Thornlands Sub-Sector of Vortigern Sector.

The planet was once the home of the Steel Hearts space marine chapter before the events of the Unclean War.

Skoria was one of the few planets within the Thornlands not found in the Doubt nebula and was a valuable resource, providing both soldiers and industry for the sub-sector.

The planet came under attack from amassed Nurgle forces that had been gathering in strength and number for many years.

The Nurgle forces unleashed terrible biological weapons on Skoria, effectively obliterating the space marine forces.

skoria4.jpg The Battle for Skoria

While the Steel Hearts were ultimately successful, the marines had paid a steep price; their homeworld was a plagued ruin, the majority of their brothers had been killed, and their reputation was in tatters.

The remaining Steel Hearts went into self-imposed exile.

Skoria remains a forbidden/quarantined planet, although smugglers occasionally make planetfall to scavenge valuables.


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