Shroud is a grave world in the Sceptre Worlds subsector.

The sheer number of pilgrims and citizens in the Basque Sector requires unusual procedures. Shroud is the sector’s answer.

The honoured dead are shipped to the planet in the great crypt-ships that travel between the worlds of the sector. It is said that they are laid to rest for a year and a day on the planet, which daily prayers chanted over their bodies by the legions of undertaker-preachers, and the entire planet smells heavily on incense.

An ancient cannon dating back to the Dark Age of Technology takes up most of one of the world’s continents; the means by which it fires and where it draws it’s power from remain mysteries to the greatest tech priests of Melchior, Balthasar and Caspar. The bodies of the nobility are loaded into the cannon and fired into the system’s sun at the conclusion of the century and day of remembrance.

It is said that Shroud’s only imports are incense and corpses, and its only exports are incredible fast scented corpses, but this is not entirely true; only the nobility are fired into the sun. The bodies of the masses are turned into corpse starch rations and fertiliser, and sent back to the hives and agri-worlds of the sector to feed the population and begin the cycle anew..


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