Panthers Seraphic


The Panthers Seraphic are an unusual chapter, both for their secrecy and methods of recruitment. The vast ships that cross the voids between the Basque and Vortigern sectors have crews of millions, and the conditions for those unlucky enough to be born to a life of eternal labor in the lower decks is one of hardship and constant drudgery.

The captains of the charter vessels, trader ships and even the naval battle fleets of the sector hear rumours of great hunts and melees held in the labyrinthine engine rooms and haunted lower corridors of their behemoths. Few ever discover they have been visited by the secretive Panthers Seraphic, and the disappearance and deaths of the children of the lower voidsmen families are rarely enough to concern the mighty families of the command decks.

The voidsmen, though, have many myths and legends of being visited by these Angels of Death and Salvation, and void born children dream of the chance to escape the eternal servitude of their birth – even if that means facing the horrible trials whispered in the legends.

Panthers Seraphic

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