Orks of the Shivering Sea

The Warboss of Dordrien, Conqueror of Maerimydra, The Shattered Child

Orks have previously been a threat to the denizens of The Shivering Sea as evidenced by their appearance beneath the surface of Dordrien.

The elderly Red Spider cultist Quartia explained that the Orks had invaded Dordrien in the past but had been wiped out.

Apparently the Tzeentchian sorcerer Wharriel, Master of the Shattered Tower, had either kept or cultivated Orks beneath the surface of the planet after their defeat.

When the Cult of the Red Spider was disabled by an electromagnetic pulse, Wharriel summoned his Orkish “pets” to invade the city.

As they were “raised” in close proximity to the tech-city Maerimydra, the Orks of Dordrien appear to be much more technologically advanced, fielding numerous Stormboyz and Meks.

The Warboss is a huge Ork mounted on a set of enormous, arachnid bionic legs.

Orks of the Shivering Sea

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