morholt.jpg The Grand City of Morholt

Morholt VII or just “Morholt” is a hive world and is the capital of the Gygax Point sub-sector of Vortigern Sector.

Morholt is the source of the Morholt VII Marching Legion, which specialise in armoured cavalry, making heavy use of walkers like Sentinels.

Morholt is a relatively small planet, only slightly larger than Holy Terra, and the surface is dotted with a number of hive cities.

The capital of Morholt is the Grand City.

Due to their ties with the Astra Militarum, the planet operates under almost martial-law, with generals and admirals making most of the key decisions facing Morholt.

Morholti are generally seen as rude, with little respect for individuals outside the Imperial Guard or Imperial Navy.


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