Moorde Dynasty

Helg.jpg Rogue Trader Jantis Moorde

A Rogue Trader dynasty travelling through the Vortigern Sector.

The current head of the family is Jantis Moorde, a charismatic man who has fostered trade between the Vortigern Sector and the Basque Sector.

While House Moorde has flourished under his leadership, the Rogue Traders were not always held in the highest esteem by the Imperium and had sanctions imposed upon them a number of times.

Imperial officials have accused the Moode family of warmongering and war profiteering, selling weapons to pirates and even forbidden xeno races.

The flagship of the Moorde Dynasty is the Storm of St Cordon.

House Moorde as it stands is in dire straits, as the only heir of Lord Jantis has recently gone missing.

Lord Jantis is currently scouring the Vortigern Sector in a desperate attempt to find his only child Vala Moorde.

Vala.jpg A portrait of Lady Vala Moorde, scion of House Moorde

Rumours of Lady Vala’s disappearance have spread among the nobility of the Vortigern Sector, some claiming that she was imprisoned and escaped, that she was banished, or that she just simply left one day without a trace.

Moorde Dynasty

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