Mandora.jpg The Uprising, swiftly crushed

A mining world in The Thornlands of the Vortigern Sector.

The world was the latest victim of growing civil unrest in the Thornlands and the sector as a whole.

The Mandorans felt they were the most exploited in the system, given their proximity to the sub-sector’s forge world Pharus Prime.

Workers unions formed, lead by a man named Dominus Hekton, and the mining population began to slowly rebel with protests and strikes.

When the Imperial Guard stepped in to try and reclaim the situation, the protests developed into full-blown riots and a civil war that threatened to spread.

The Space Marine chapter The Sons of Antares stepped in and brutally suppressed the civil war, known as the Mandora Uprising.


The Antareans butchered the rebel civilians within a mere six hours.

It is from their involvement with the Uprising that the Sons of Antares have a reputation as murderers and daemons cloaked in mortal flesh.


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