Khaasta's Legacy

A group and possibly belief system within the The Shivering Sea, first mentioned in the catacombs beneath Dordrien.

It is unknown exactly what or how widespread “Khaasta’s Legacy” is, but Captain Dondarrion Locke, Ildánach Longhand, Vala Moorde, and Veigar Ahlberg first heard the term while travelling to Maerimydra.

The unhinged space marine chaplain Havir Pahana of the Brazen Stags mentioned that he was hunting those who had “taken up Khaasta’s Legacy.”

updatedchaplain.jpg Havir Pahana – the lost hero

Pahana stated that he could not smell the “stink” of the legacy on the protagonists. The marine seemed to blame those involved with the legacy for leading him into the Shivering Sea.

Pahana hung numerous skulls from his backpack power unit and around his waist.

When the Fathers of Discord encountered the trader Tiac Rami No on a remote space station within the Shivering Sea, Rami No mentioned he’d traded with “Khaasta’s lads.”

The trader said Khaasta was a Space Marine who lived long ago and gathered many to his banner. He’d made a name for himself within the Shivering Sea as a pirate and a war profiteer.

According to Rami No, Khaasta disappeared but his followers continue his work, trading within the Shivering Sea.

The trader seemed to be under the influence of something traded to him by a pair of Space Marines and fled before Ildánach, Locke, or Veigar could ask him any further questions.

turban.jpg Tiac Rami No

Khaasta's Legacy

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