Harapite Body Snatchers

A hostile xeno race found primarily within the Vortigern Sector.

The easiest way to describe the snatchers is a mass of sentient plants.

Originally encountered on the death world Harapite, each snatcher is a collection of greenish-purple vines that has the ability to grow on other lifeforms and take over their nervous systems.

Snatchers implant “brain nodes” throughout their victims, which then grow throughout the victim’s body.

Each snatcher may have many different victims at once, all linked through a psychic network created by the brain nodes by emit a low psychic frequency.

Eventually a snatcher will overcome its victim. When this happens, the xenos will head toward a water supply in the hopes of spreading brain nodes via ingestion.

The Harapite Snatchers spread throughout Vortigern and the Basque Sector through the original Imperial contact.

Harapite Body Snatchers

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