Druon is the de facto capital of the Basque sector, governed directly by the sector governor Irae Al’Andalus. A hive world, it is a major producer of arms and munitions for the Imperial Guard.

The hives of Druon are mostly under the control of the noble houses of the Basque sector, though like many hive worlds the lower levels are rife with gangs and mutants. The Ecclesiarchy maintains a strong presence, though Tokugawa functions as the home of the arch-bishopric until the cardinal world Coriolanus can be retaken.

The Chorus Vermillion space marine chapter maintains a small fortress monastery in the spire of the capital, Druon Prime, and draw recruits from the hardy ash pilgrims and dangerous underhive gangs of the world.

Planet authorities have recently become concerned about a brewing conflict between the various criminal cartels headed by Manus and an outlawed mutant rights movement, the Committee.


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