Dordrien is a large planet within the Shivering Sea.

Dordrien is in the northern part of the warp anomaly known as the Shivering Sea and is a highly-contested part of the region.

The planet is larger than Holy Terra and is home to several warring city states, including Daggerfall, High-Gate, and Gathman’s Tower.

Although the planet has been sought by several warlords in the past, none have managed to gain a substantial foothold.

While Dordrien looks like a standard planet, it is unusual due to the series of tunnels running deep beneath the surface.

It is unknown how deep these tunnels run, although they are home to clusters of civilisation that worship an entity known as the Red Spider.

These civilisations bear a remarkable resemblance to the servants of the Omnissiah of Mars, including their red robes and their disdain of psychic and esoteric methods.

The warlord Aodarn believes the planet is actually a “world engine” – an ancient weapon capable of enormous destruction.


Sci-Fi-Burke-Revet-Woken-Ruins.jpg The sprawl of Daggerfall

One of the city states vying for control of the planet is Daggerfall.

The city is on the southern part of the planet and is neighbours High-Gate and Grey Garden.

Daggerfall is ruled by a military counsel, lead by Randall Morn.

Lord Morn has a connection to Aodarn, but has yet to pledge his allegiance to the Master of the Horde of Never.

Szith Morcane and Maerimydra

Maerimydra.jpg The Foundries of Maerimydra

Deep below the surface of Dordrien lies a series of vast catacombs. These catacombs stretch for hundreds, possibly thousands of kilometres, weaving into the depths of the planet.

Within the Deep Wastes lies a number of civilisations including the trading outpost of Szith Morcane and the city of Maerimydra.

Szith.jpg Trading Outpost Szith Morcane

Posts like Szith Morcane are most likely scattered throughout the catacombs and are havens for travellers like Groniyad – Esoteric Trader and Mozaleen The Merchant.

Szith Morcane itself was overrun by the Slaaneshi forces devoted to an entity called the White Banshee. There were also minor Tzeentch and Nurgle cults active in the outpost.

The outpost was left in chaos due to the seeds of dissent sewn by The Compact.

The city of Maerimydra is made up of large foundries and was presumably worked by slaves and commoners. The city is currently under attack by both Orks and Slaaneshi forces.

The dominant religion among the denizens of the Deep Wastes is that of Cult of the Red Spider.

The Red Spider acolytes are matriarchal and appear to have a focus of venerating technology.

The techno-creed, red robes, and vast foundry-cities make the cult a bizarre mirror of the Cult Mechanicus.

narrows.jpg The Commoner’s Quarters of Maerimydra

There also appears to be a burgeoning Tzeentchian cults tolerated by the Red Spider acolytes. These cults revolve around “Towers.” The master of Maerimydra’s tower appears to have called an Orkish invasion force to the city.

Gatman Spire

michael-whelan-the-dark-tower.jpg The Witch King’s domain


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