Disappointment is a death world in the Basque Sector.

Beautiful from orbit, Imperial surveyors believed they had found the perfect world to raise the grox so prized by the nobility of the Imperium. Unfortunately, almost every living thing on the planet is incredibly toxic, including the vast fields of grass. The native bandharr, which could be a good source of lean red meat, also seem to be dangerously venomous and prone to attacking when they are angry (as they usually seem to be), and toxic when consumed.

The bark of the most common trees give off poisonous spores when disturbed. The roots of these trees run very close to the surface so as to “drink” from animals. These roots are covered in hollow barbs that have a neural toxin that paralyses the prey.

Construct ants are also incredibly common, drawn to the trees to feast upon the corpses left after the trees have sated their fill – but aren’t above forming complex structures to go after prey themselves, particularly before new queens are born every six days. The few hardy humans that have made a home on Disappointment are well versed in running from the tidal waves formed by hundreds of thousands of tiny insects.

Making their homes in the canopy, where the trees are less poisonous but home to giant birds of prey, the population make excellent scouts and snipers for the Imperial Guard. The Chorus Vermillion are also known to draw recruits from the brave souls that inhabit the world.


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