Chorus Vermillion


The Chorus Vermillion are a space marine chapter of Ultramarines descent, and one of the few chapters that call the Basque sector home.

The Chorus are a fleet based chapter, but maintain a small fortress monastery in the spires of Druon Prime. Most of their initiates are drawn from the underhive gangs and ash pilgrims of the world, though others come from worlds as diverse as the cardinal planet Coriolanus and the death worlds Castigation and Disappointment. The chapter has a diverse range of skin tones as a result.

The chapter fights in the ways decreed by the codex, with one notable exception – when stealth is not required, they battle while chanting Imperial hymns in complex, multi-layered harmonies.

The Chorus Vermillion are too far from Ultramar to make regular appearances at the Court of Marneus Calgar, as other Ultramarine successors do. Still, many in the chapter make a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Primarch once in their lives; those that have done so adorn their helmets with a laurel wreath, a great mark of honor in the chapter.

When the Crusade for the Damascene Reach began, the Chorus Vermillion were the first space marine chapter to answer the call.

Chorus Vermillion

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