FullSizeRender.jpg Shadows on the Dark Continent

A large planet within the Constans Expanse in the south of the Vortigern Sector, Cervarius is home to the Brazen Stags Space Marine chapter.

Cervarius is classed as a Feudal/Feral world, with the majority of the population preferring to live a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

The planet has a small number of cities, remnants of the Dark Age of Technology. These cities rumble across the landscape, a macrocosm of the hunter-gatherer life the citizens live.

traction-city.jpg Wandering people, wandering cities

The Brazen Stags chose Cervarius for its hardy population, which they believed would survive not only the martial trials to become a Space Marine, but also the difficulties with genetic assimilation particular to the chapter.

Capture2.JPG A beacon of light among bright-burning stars

Cervarians practice a form of animism, but ultimately revere the God Emperor as the King of Sun and Thunder. They see the Brazen Stags as individuals who have been inhabited by the “True Forms” of plants, animals and aspects of nature.

The Brazen Stags fleet and fortress monastery are permanently in orbit over a large island known as the Dark Continent. The shadows caused by the massive vessels give the island its name.

The Dark Continent is inhabited by the Kindred, Brazen Stag marines who have succumbed to the Black Rage. The Dark Continent is also used as a training ground for potential recruits, who must survive a set amount of time on the island before being accepted.

IMG_0186.JPG The Kindred are not gracious hosts.

When the Stags wish to call the Kindred to battle, religious iconography and hymns are blasted across the island in the hopes the more sane members will be attracted.


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