Canid Ossuary

The-Ossuary-of-San-Bernardino-alle-Ossa-in-Milan-Italy.jpg The Feet of Chulaínn – the burial site for those who fell in the fight against Setanta’s Butchery

The Canid Ossuary is a shrine world within the Vortigern Sector formerly known as Argentum and was the planet where the Sons of Setanta were finally broken.

The world borders the Basque Sector and was a thriving paradise-world for many thousands of years.

When the Butchery befell the Hounds of Chulaínn, the Basque sector was left in a state of shock as the Imperial Guard and remaining loyal chapter members scrambled to mobilise and stop the traitorous Setanta.

The Brazen Stags and Battlefleet Vortigern rushed to crush the newly-formed Sons of Setanta, acting as the anvil to the Basque hammer that had finally formed.

A titanic battle raged above and on the surface of Argentum, and eventually the Sons of Setanta were broken chased out of the Vortigern Sector and through Ector’s Bridge into Tormented Space.

The_Great_Ossuaries.jpg Thought for the Day: Remember the fallen so you can continue to hate the traitor

Though Argentum was ruined as a paradise world, the Vortigern Sector declared the planet would be renamed the Canid Ossuary in honour of the valiant sacrifice of the loyal Hounds of Chulaínn.

Grand mausoleums are now built across the surface of the planet, standing witness to the countless souls – civilian, Imperial Guard, and Space Marine – who stood against vial traitors.

Canid Ossuary

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