Brazen Stags

The Brazen Stags are a Space Marine chapter based in the Vortigern Sector and descended from the Blood Angels.

Brazen Stag Tactical Marine

The Stags were formed to fill the void of the Steel Hearts, which were destroyed in the Unclean War 1300 years ago.

With the almost total destruction of the sector’s marine protectors, the High Lords of Terra decreed a new chapter would be created.

The Brazen Stags are based in the Constans Expanse, in orbit around the planet Cervarius.

While the Stags are a loyal and pious chapter, they are plagued with genetic instability, and there are disturbing rumours that some marines have horrific mutations.

Although those rumours have thus far been unconfirmed, it is undeniable that the chapter is substantially under-strength and has remained so for more than a millennium.

The official explanation for their low numbers is that the Brazen Stags have a particularly strong connection to the Red Thirst and hence a propensity to succumb to the Black Rage.

Brothers afflicted with the Black Rage are called “Kindred” and are sent into battle as shock troops. The Kindred are often equipped with jump packs and power fists to maximise their potential in combat.

The Stags who have not succumbed to the Black Rage go through extraordinary lengths to recover the bodies of the Kindred.

As there is a high number of brothers afflicted by the Black Rage, the Brazen Stags fields a high number of chaplains.

12742458_1228671670494955_4887632066887820480_n.png Lauviah Taregan, Brazen Stag chaplain

Decorated heroes and veterans in the main body of the chapter forces are often seen sporting horns or antlers fixed to their helmets.

The Brazen Stags were instrumental in turning away the traitorous Sons of Setanta after their split from the Hounds of ChulaĆ­nn.

The marines fought heroically on and above the planet now known as the Canid Ossuary, turning the tide of the battle and forcing the traitor marines to flee into Tormented Space.

It was during this battle that the rumours of genetic impurity and the monstrous reputation of the Kindred became widespread.

The Stags and the Hounds chapters consider each other battle brothers.

Brazen Stag Sergeant

kindred.jpg Brazen Stag “Kindred”

Brazen Stags

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