Antares.jpg The fortress monastery of Antares

The planet of Antares, formerly known as Hercolubus, is the homeworld of the enigmatic space marine chapter The Sons of Antares.

Before the chapter was settled within The Thornlands, the planet was a desolate rock within the expansive nebula called Doubt.

When the Sons of Antares were settled on the planet, they designated the name to be changed to Antares.

Antares had been mined dry in ages gone by, but under the care and protection of the space marines, the planet seems to be on the road to recovery and has even begun to produce enough food to sustain the world.

Pirates now fear the Antares System, and the region has prospered in the last 1300 years.

Due to the active involvement of the Sons of Antares in the sub-sector, Antares is now considered one of the auxiliary capitals of the Thornlands alongside the Noon Confederacy.

Sons_of_Antares.jpg A Sons of Antares space marine


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