Tag: Adeptus Mechanicus


  • Melchior

    [[File:587630 | class=media-item-align-center | melchior.jpg]] Melchior is a forge world in the [[Basque Sector | Basque Sector]]. Covered in massive factory complexes, it also serves as a base for the Adeptus Mechanicus to investigate the ancient …

  • Magos Explorator Iscariot

    A former servant of the Enginelords of [[Melchior]], Iscariot now serves the mysterious forces of [[the Pride]] in the [[Damascene Reach]]. Iscariot has earned the enmity of the trader household [[St George]]. He was last spotted in Imperial space in …

  • Brutus Quisling

    A member of the Skitarii special operations unit of the forge world [[Constant Gaze]], Quisling was apparently killed in action some seventy standard years ago, before reappearing in the [[Damascene Reach]] with the Heretek Iscariot.