Veigar's Merry Band of Misery

Veigar's nearest and dearest - crooks, thugs and thieves the lot of them.


Dancer: Male. 205 cm. 137 kg. Hopelessly addicted to lho. Remarkably well-natured. Lethal in close combat despite his enormous size.


Ramon: Female. 174 cm. 66 kg. 2IC. Spy master. Accountant. Lethal.


Yadra: Female. 165 cm. 57 kg. Prodigy. Budding long-range and demolitions expert.


Broma: Female. 170 cm. 79 kg. Partner of Nestor. “Diplomat”.


Nestor: Male. 175 cm. 101 kg. Partner of Broma. “Diplomat”.


D’auft: Male. 181 cm. 92 kg. Arms and armour specialist.




Dancer is perhaps Veigars closest friend in the entire Sector. Liberated from a prison in Misericorde, Dancer and Veigar bonded quickly over a shared love for lho, fighting, and drinking. As their bond deepened, they developed a symbiotic fighting style that many say is truly fearsome to behold. Dancer, though a remarkably affable man considering his criminal record, is not the brightest of minds, serving as a friend more so than an adviser.


Ramon is a tall, lithe woman from Daggerfall proper. She serves as Veigar’s spy master, accountant, and second-in-command of the small army of miscreants and vagabonds that have united behind their new underworld leader. Devilishly intelligent, cunning and deadly, she is Veigar’s most trusted aide. She also runs the network of brothels, bars and fight clubs that Veigar now owns. Her loyalty is infallible – though no one seems to know why.


Ildánach is a castle in the sky. When the night falls and darkness sweeps the land, the frost comes, and covers, and creates. It loops, recursive, upon itself, again, again, again. There are no soldiers here. Some people say Yadra is Veigar’s child. I don’t know if she is! But, some people say that. He denies it. Sad. Veigar views Yadra as something of a prodigy. She shows talent with ranged weapons in particular, as well as explosives, and holds her own in close quarters against foes many times her experience and strength. She was born into the slums of Daggerfall, and lived a similar life to Veigar until he cast his destiny in a new direction. Now she is doing the same, and has adopted Veigar as her make-shift tutor. She is, clearly, in fine hands.

Broma and Nestor

A couple who turned to a life of crime not by choice, but after a failure of justice. Tried and committed for a crime they did not commit, they fled their home city of the Tear. Fugitives in a new city, they were left with little choice. Through a combination of wits and determination, they managed to rise above the petty underworld, fraught with peril and little reward. They now serve as make-shift diplomatic advisors, having worked for many bosses and dealt with even more over the years. It is said that they follow Veigar mostly out of a mix of fear and amusement more than loyalty, though many suspect that their allegiance and their purpose runs to a deeper, more secret end.


D’auft is Veigar’s personal arms and armour smith, as well as something of a mechanic, though Qourthnak generally exceeds him in knowledge and skill in this area. He granted Veigar the boon of creating a sickle sword at his request, after Veigar spared his life in the Seige of Port Hayverfast. D’auft happened to like his new master and lifestyle much better anyway.

Veigar's Merry Band of Misery

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